2018 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Country Division Awards- Urban Design Award

Jetty4Shores Revitalisation Project

Fisher Design and Architecture with Mackenzie Pronk Architects and Coffs Harbour City Council

The Jetty4Shores revitalisation project effectively communicates the spirit of place and the genuine community affection for this site. The cultural and environmental meanings of the site have been enshrined within the design by thoughtful use of materials, careful siting of facilities and meaningful engagement with the public and various design professionals and artists. The location and design of community facilities within a lineal and dynamic landscape is challenging, but this project is well thought out and resolved. The choice of materials and design features respond to their environment and purpose, and further reveal their true colours at night under lights. The necessary upgrading of existing amenities, while often banal, is commendable, as is the integration of art, sculpture and landscape. The stage space has been well sited and its singular roof form representing the flight of the wedge tailed shearwater is a generous and joyful expression of place that serves its purpose as the premier gathering space within the site.

Jury Citation