Andersens Commercial Showroom Fitout & Signage

Coffs Harbour 2016

Fisher Design + Architecture were engaged to undertake the commercial showroom fitout and signage design, with a brief to create an innovative retail space which inspires; a space that customers would look forward to visiting.

The showroom design uses colour, texture, and raw materials to provide a neutral backdrop, designed to engage and pull customers through the variety of product displays.

Design tables are provided throughout the showroom with inspiration material, where sales staff and customers meet to discuss design and product information, and explore samples.

The industrial aesthetic is robust and cost effective, with the modest materials palette and clear spatial planning creating visual clarity, allowing synchronicity between the fit out, product and brand.

Graphic design plays an important role. Integrating branding and graphic messages into the exterior building design provides a big impact with minimal construction and cost. The vibrant graphics enliven the exterior, and define display points of the showroom.

The showroom was designed in ArchiCad, allowing advanced and efficient 3D modeling and documentation. Presentation of computer generated 3D views and walkthrough’s enabled the client to visualize and comprehend the design, providing valuable assistance in the design process. The computer model was saved in a user friendly format which could be opened on any computer, and shared with the consultant team and the builder, for design development, detailing, and construction.