Jetty4Shores Revitalisation Project

Coffs Harbour 2017

The Jetty4Shores is a highly valued public precinct rich in cultural history and is a popular recreational destination for residents and tourists.

The Jetty4shores Revitalisation Project recognises that urban design is about making connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric.

With community-based participation at its center, Coffs Harbour Council has collaborated with local design and engineering professionals, artists and the community to revitalise this important public precinct, integrating landscape, art and built form to create places for people to live and engage with each other, and the physical place around them.

Following a rigorous public consultation process, a community inspired Jetty4Shores master plan was developed by Coffs Harbour Council, which addressed pragmatic and landscape specific needs, particularly relating to coastal restoration, visitation and access, safe usage, and sustainability.

High use public areas were identified for substantial improvements – the Stage1 Area, the Market Area, the Plaza and Boardwalk, and the Jetty Walk Way.

The urban design features refurbishment of existing amenities, a suite of new picnic shelters, and a Stage located around the Market Area which reflects the ‘flight of the wedge-tailed shearwater’. The new structures are designed with a robust elemental language of galvanized steel, brightly coloured soffits, and large sectioned timber screening with inscribed images of marine life, designed by local school students.

Throughout the precinct numerous public artworks depicting the coastal character of the Jetty have been created by local artists and school students, and inspired by the sites natural and cultural history.

Recognising ‘creativity’ to be fundamental to its long term sustainability, the place-making process has capitalized on the local community’s assets, inspiration, potential and input, resulting in a quality public precinct that contributes to people’s health, happiness, and well being.

Winner 2018 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Country Division- Award for Urban Design

Jetty4Shores Revitalisation Project- Fisher Design and Architecture with Mackenzie Pronk Architects & Coffs Harbour City Council

Sculpture artists- John Vanderkolk, Brentyn Lugnan, Emma Davies
Photography (water stations)-  Cassie Law and Drew Hopper
Artworks- Riya Millar, Lillian Degens, Monessa Williams, Ruby Bax, Tara Donohue, Joe Vallance, Megan Dodd, Dionne Burnett, Lucas Navarette, Nicholas De Waal, Xanthi Hand, Mikaela Brown, Jessika Landry, Mikhani Briggs, Kimberley Duncan, Mikaela Johnston, Thelma Mercy, Tyran Vorhauer Craig