Knox Residence Renovation

Emerald Beach 2017- Under Construction

The Knox renovation project aims to retain the character of the existing 2 storey beach bungalow, while upgrading the building to accomodate the needs of the owners.

Clients Julie and John Knox embraced the design process, and were instrumental in a rigourous exploration of design ideas. A computer 3D model  was generated to provide a valuable tool for developing and illustrating the clients design ideas.

The renovation includes new downstairs living and bedroom areas, which optimise passive solar design to create comfortable and accessible spaces which open onto the grassy rear yard.

The second storey is accessed via front entry stairs or a lift located at the rear of the house, and is a contemporary and comfortable, light and airy living environment. Upstairs living spaces are designed with a focus on function, access, and connection with the natural environment- Emerald Beach to the east, green spaces to the north west, prevailing coastal breezways, and northerly solar access.


KnoxOct2017web image - Picture # 9 KnoxOct2017web image - Picture # 10