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2019 Interpretation Australia Award Winner

2019 Interpretation Australia Award for Excellence

Gleniffer Reserves Interpretive Signage

The Interpretation Australia National Awards for Excellence were established in 2008 to recognise and reward outstanding heritage interpretation. The 2019 winner in the Projects $15,000 – $50,000 category was awarded to Fisher Design + Architecture for the Gleniffer Reserves Interpretive Signage. 

Judges Comments:

“This is a lovely example of a well-thought out and well-rounded project. Every step was considered. The graphics and choice of recycled timber suit the project so well. The colour is perfect, even the ants that happened to be using one signage post (about fauna) help us see the value of sharing fauna stories.”

“The project’s aims and objectives were clear: to share the wonder and beauty of the valley, while simultaneously directing visitors to alternative places to enjoy the valley, and offer tips to assist in protecting the place. There was a clear objective that the project would include Indigenous input, and this was met in a substantial and fun way – love learning language and place names.”

“The use of both video and audio is a fantastic way of taking visitors further into exploring the unique heritage of the place.”

“The project clearly articulated the process undertaken with community to help build the project… It is commendable that such a small community would believe that their heritage is valuable and worth protecting, and find funds to demonstrate this.”

“Beautiful signage, lovely presentation using recycled timber. A high quality project with smart use of technology to engage.”

2018 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Country Division Awards – Commendation for Small Project Architecture

Jetty4Shores Stage

Fisher Design and Architecture with Mackenzie Pronk Architects

The dynamic form of the Jetty4Shores Stage nests comfortably amongst the open plaza and market spaces of the Coffs Harbour Jetty4Shores Revitalisation Project. Modelled on the flight of the wedge tailed shearwater, the stage is a functional, collaborative and robust public celebration of place. Flexible and durable in form and detailing, the mainstage addresses the Jetty4Shores market area while a smaller stage addresses the rear open lawn area. ‘Ridges’, an art instillation depicting local mountain ranges, is inscribed upon the timber panelling that forms the backdrop to performers.

Jury Citation

2018 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Country Division Awards- Urban Design Award

Jetty4Shores Revitalisation Project

Fisher Design and Architecture with Mackenzie Pronk Architects and Coffs Harbour City Council

The Jetty4Shores revitalisation project effectively communicates the spirit of place and the genuine community affection for this site. The cultural and environmental meanings of the site have been enshrined within the design by thoughtful use of materials, careful siting of facilities and meaningful engagement with the public and various design professionals and artists. The location and design of community facilities within a lineal and dynamic landscape is challenging, but this project is well thought out and resolved. The choice of materials and design features respond to their environment and purpose, and further reveal their true colours at night under lights. The necessary upgrading of existing amenities, while often banal, is commendable, as is the integration of art, sculpture and landscape. The stage space has been well sited and its singular roof form representing the flight of the wedge tailed shearwater is a generous and joyful expression of place that serves its purpose as the premier gathering space within the site.

Jury Citation

2013 HIA Shriro Commercial NSW Housing Awards- Northern Rivers Home of the Year

Facey House

Facey House, a new home in Port Macquarie designed by Fisher Design + Architecture and built by Creative Works Constructions, took out the coveted title of the HIA-Shriro Commercial Northern NSW Home of the Year Award (partnered by Shriro Commercial) at the 2013 HIA-Shriro Commercial Northern NSW Housing Awards.

Judges said “the award winning builder’s own home in Port Macquarie offers an array of quality finishes, excellence in design and breathtaking views of the Hastings River. “

Congratulating Scott and Debbie on such an outstanding achievement, HIA’s NSW Executive Director, David Bare, said “the awards were an excellent display of the housing industry’s capacity, innovation and resilience in regional areas of NSW. It is encouraging to see that in challenging market conditions HIA’s builders and designers have maintained their commitment to excellence.   The calibre of entries this year shows yet again the strong support for these awards.  Each year the bar is raised higher making the judging process all the more difficult.  The Northern region continues to set a high standard within NSW.”

HIA Media Release | 6th September 2013


2013 BPN Sustainability Awards- Finalist

Baalijin House

The selection panel noted that a holistic design is clearly evident when one looks at or lives in the Baalijin House, with the assurance of passive design, and sustainable energy systems and materials ultimately reducing the building’s energy demand, and creating an organic, contemporary and affordable home.

Jury Citation









2012 Australian Institute of Architects – Premier’s Prize

Giidany Miirlarl Education Space, Coffs Harbour

Fisher Design + Architecture in association with Mackenzie Pronk Architects

The Premier’s Prize recognises an architect or a project that has contributed to the advancement of architecture in our State. While in the past it has been left to the personal discretion of the Premier, this year I opened up the decision to the people of NSW. And I have always been very confident that the people of NSW invariably ‘get it right’. Through an online poll, the readers of the Sydney Morning Herald voted on the three shortlisted projects nominated by the Government Architect, Peter Poulet. Although all three projects were worthy and embodied a strong social commitment, there can only be one winner. I am very pleased to award the 2012 NSW Premier’s Prize, confirmed by an overwhelming number of citizens, to the Giidany Miirlarl Education Space in Coffs Harbour. Giidany Miirlarl celebrates local Aboriginal culture and history and represents a healing of the scars from when Muttonbird Island was joined to the mainland in 1924. Importantly, the awarding of this project demonstrates our support for all regional communities and in particular Aboriginal communities across NSW. Fisher Design and Architecture in association with Mackenzie Pronk Architects were commissioned by Arts Mid North Coast, National Parks and Wildlife, and Coffs Harbour City Council to build a robust and elegant structure that provides public space, as well as an opportunity to learn about the cultural and environmental history of the site. Giidany Miirlarl successfully achieves this. Local Aboriginal stories about the island will be told in the amphitheatre and the history of the place has been inscribed for all to see on panels which spiral up the rising ramp enveloping the meeting place. Local artists Shane Phillips and Janelle Marshall have creatively interpreted traditional stories of the island and added to a place for social interaction, storytelling, learning and rest. This modestly scaled building project has made a significant social contribution and has been a truly collaborative effort bringing the community together to tell the story of the island. I commend it as a worthy recipient of the 2012 Premier’s Prize – as selected by the people of New South Wales.

Jury Citation

2011 Australian Timber Design Awards – Design Excellence Award

 Giidany Miirlarl Education Space

Fisher Design + Architecture in association with Mackenzie Pronk Architects

Christian Fisher of Fisher Design + Architecture, and Neil Mackenzie of Mackenzie Pronk Architects jointly accepted an award for architectural design excellence in the Outdoor Timber – Stand Alone Structures category, at the Australian Timber Design awards dinner in Melbourne on 18 October 2011.

The award is an important recognition of the value of public architecture in Coffs Harbour and on the mid north coast, and provides a place for the people of Coffs Harbour to experience cultural events, music and performances in a space which is vibrant, encouraging and respectful.





2008 UDIA NSW Awards- Best Residential Development

North Sapphire Beachstone Cafe and Amenities

Fisher Design and Architecture with Cougle Projects

Fisher Design + Architecture was part of a project team of developers, planners and consultants, who were winners of the 2008 UDIA Category 2 Residential Development Award for the North Sapphire Beach Estate, Coffs Harbour.

In the heart of the North Sapphire Beach development is a landscaped playground, the Beachstone Café, public toilets, and a lifeguard storage building.

Integrated with the landscaped parklands, the amenity building designs complement the intelligent and sensitive urban design, contributing to the areas award winning success and popularity.

The highlight is the Beachstone Café and its seamless integration with the children’s playground…This is an intelligent and sensitive design. Attention to detail, use of locally sourced materials and the quality of works is outstanding, setting a new benchmark for masterplanned coastal developments.

Jury Citation