Sawtell Surf Life Saving Club Refurbishment Stage One to begin construction

Construction is soon to commence on stage one of the Sawtell Surf Life Saving Club Refurbishment. A state government grant will partly fund stage one of the $4-million project, which includes a new First Aid Room and Patrol Room, lower level storage, and a new upper level balcony.

With the aim to improve safety and patrolling through upgraded facilities, the new works are intended to be completed before the start of the next season.

A development application for the broader vision to restore and expand the club has been granted by Coffs Harbour City Council. The existing building uses large amounts of energy and provides less than ideal living and working conditions for its occupants. Internal spaces are difficult to cool and heat, have poor lighting, poor ventilation, and solar penetration.

The Surf Club Refurbishment Project presents the opportunity to provide a much needed revitalisation of the existing site and surf club building, and transform it to create a landmark beachside destination with an iconic public building which contributes to its users safety, health, happiness, and well being.

The vision is to revitalise the existing Surf Life Saving Club facility to establish a valuable public asset of outstanding design and visual amenity- a safe and healthy environment for people to enjoy the surf, and interact with each other and the physical place around them.

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FD+A 12 May 2019