Cape Byron Most Easterly Point Concept Design

Byron Bay 2014

The Most Easterly Point of Mainland Australia is an icon to locals and visitors to Byron Bay, having approx 1.2 Million visitors per year.

The Most Easterly Point requires enhancement works to bring it to a level expected of visitors and the high standard maintained in the Reserve. The current facilities at the Most Easterly Point are also a safety issue with raised pathways mixing the different uses of visitors stopping to appreciate the location and fitness people walking/jogging.

The proposed design for the Most Easterly Point of Australia will create a landmark public space, celebrating the natural and cultural significance of the site.

The proposed design will provide a unique and iconic experience enhancing the various user experiences, and creating new opportunities for social interaction, learning, story telling and rest.

Tangible connections with the surrounding environment are created through the use of a suite of appropriate and durable materials, artwork and interpretive signage. The public space is designed to be elegant, functional, and robust – a valuable public asset and investment for future generations.

The interpretive information will be simple, focused and have a timeless quality, elegantly conveying geographic, natural and indigenous stories creating a unique sense of place.

Fisher Design + Architecture in association with Mackenzie Pronk Architects