Gleniffer Reserves Master Plan

Gleniffer (Promised Land), Bellingen- 2016

The Gleniffer Reserves are situated along the Never Never River in the Bellingen Shire, approximately 10 kilometres northwest from the township of Bellingen, within one of the most scenically beautiful landscapes in Australia.

Neighbouring the world heritage Dorrigo National Park and Tuckers Nob State Forests, the Gleniffer Reserves form part of a signicant natural regional asset which is highly valued by local residents and the Bellingen community.

The Gleniffer Reserves have become an increasingly popular place of recreation and swimming for locals and visitors. Visitation numbers and visitor behaviour are at a point where the environment and local quality of life have been signicantly affected.

Bellingen Shire Council in August 2014 contracted a multi- disciplinary consultant team comprising Fisher Design + Architecture, Mackenzie Pronk Architects, Jackie Amos (Landscape Architect), Caroline Desmond (Community Engagement),
and Keiley Hunter (Planning Consultant) to work with the working group, stakeholders and the community to develop the Gleniffer Reserves Master Plan.

The four reserves which are the subject of the Master Plan are:

– Earl Preston Reserve
– Arthur Keough Park
– Broken Bridge Reserve
– Angel Gabriel Capararo Reserve

With sustainability being a key precept of the Master Plan intent, the vision for the Gleniffer Reserves reflects our communities creative spirit and environmental values, aiming to preserve a sense of ‘place’ through implementation of ideas and design solutions which are meaningful and engaging.

The Gleniffer Reserves Master Plan has been created for present and future generations to provide a framework for a sustainable future for the Gleniffer Reserves over the next decade.