Macksville Bridge Interpretive Space Concept Design

Macksville- 2019

The Pacific Highway bridge at Macksville is a well-recognised urban feature of the Nambucca Valley which is now bypassed by a dual-carriage upgrade to the Pacific Highway.

This project connects people to the regional heritage significance of the Macksville bridge through new interpretations, streetscape improvements, and bridge illuminations, and is part of a comprehensive program by Nambucca Shire Council to celebrate, share and protect local heritage of the Macksville township.

This concept design proposes site improvements which meet the pragmatic and landscape specific needs relating to safe and accessible usage and environmental sustainability, and enhanced user experience through provision of a new interpretive space/ bridge viewing area on the south western side of the Macksville Bridge.

New signage/ artwork structures are proposed for the subject site (prototypes which inform future signage at other suitable Macksville sites) and a new interpretive sign intended to be located on the north end of the bridge.

Design outcomes will enhance the user experience and be ‘engaging’ while encouraging respect for the landscape. The design engages sensitively with the surrounding environment, utilising a robust materials palette of recycled bridge timbers and steel, which are low maintenance, highly durable, recycled/ recyclable and appropriate to the site.

A layer of storytelling forms an essential part of the interpretive space design. Historical and cultural references are expressed through artwork or other graphic elements integrated into the built form.