Nambucca V-Wall Revitalisation Project

Nambucca 2020

The Nambucca V-Wall is the valley’s most recognised and iconic destination in the shire. It is located at the mouth of the Nambucca River where a most beautiful river system and the east coast ocean meet.

The master plan explores broad concepts for a revitalised urban recreational space where locals and visitors can meet, rest, reflect, and interact, with opportunities for exploration, play and social exchange.

Through integration of interpretive information with the natural and built landscape an improved sense of place is created, reflecting key environmental, historical and cultural meanings- the areas timber getting heritage, and indigenous connections.

The design provides playground-like landscaped platform areas, improved picnic and BBQ facilities, and a new stage structure overlooking open green space.

A suite of urban and interpretive/artwork elements aims to enhance the visitor experience and understanding of the location through storytelling and play.

Interpretive and wayfinding elements create an engaging, high quality and consistent visual language. Colours are inspired by the vibrant painted rock art along the V-wall, with typographic application of Gumbaynggirr words across the ground-plain and wall surfaces.