Solitary Island Marine Park Interpretive Signage

Muttonbird Island, Coffs Harbour- 2012

The Solitary Islands Marine Park starts at the base of Muttonbird Island and stretches 75km up the coastline to Plover Island in the North, covering an area of around 71,000 hectares. The mixing of the warm tropical waters that travel down from the North on the East Australian Current and the cool temperate waters from the South creates a wide range of species diversity, including warm-tropical, sub-tropical and cool temperate species. The park is home to 550 species of reef fish, 90 species of coral and over 600 molluscs. There are a range of habitats in the park including estuaries, reefs, rocky shores and open ocean.

The Solitary Islands Marine Park interpretive signage design comprises a full colour polycure sign on aluminium panels, set into a robust timber and gal-steel stand, designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions experienced at the site.

Client: National Parks & Wildlife